Printing MOT Certificate

When should you print an MOT Certificate?

  • December 11, 2023

As part of their 2025 vision, DVSA are encouraging motorists to view their MOT certificate online instead of receiving a printed copy, so when should you print an MOT Certificate?

By encouraging the motorist to view the certificate online DVSA believe it will:-

  • save MOT testing businesses money by using less paper and printer ink or toner
  • be better for the environment
  • reflect the way some customers are already using MOT services

Putting to one side the cost of paper and ink and DVSA’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint,” what about road safety?

The presenter is owed a duty of care by the authorisation to leave the site with the repairs completed and/or a full understanding of the implications of being issued with a test result which may detail dangerous or major failures, minor defects or advisories.  Usually, when the vehicle is collected, a conversation occurs between the customer and the service advisor.  During this discussion the test certificate is produced and the test results which may include minor defects and advisories are outlined and considered in full.

Without the provision of a paper copy of certification it is doubtful presenters will look up their test history when they get the opportunity or remember exactly what minor defects and/or advisories were recorded during the MOT.

That said, the decision to print or not to print (using DVSA guidelines) lies with the authorisation.  DVSA’s print guidance can be found in their blog Encouraging motorists to view their MOT certificate online 

These and other changes are recorded in the latest Special Notice 4-2023 and can be found in the updated MOT testing guide.

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