Changes to the MOT Inspection Manual & Testing Guide 2023

  • February 6, 2023

Changes to the MOT Inspection Manual & Testing Guide 2023 include the following:

Mirrors – Subsection 3.3 has been updated

M1 vehicles will need to have 3 mirrors – one fitted to the vehicle offside and nearside plus the interior mirror – unless the interior mirror cannot give a view to the rear, for example if a bulkhead is fitted.

Items not Tested – Not Tested or Unable to Test should only be used where it becomes apparent during the test that the particular item cannot be tested and this could not have been identified before starting the test.

Seatbelts – 7.1.2. Seat belt fitment and condition

You must check any visible parts of all seat belts fitted. This includes:

  • seat belts fitted to child seats and restraints
  • any disabled persons belts or wheelchairs straps

Emissions –

Additional guidance has been provided regarding when to check emissions control guide

MOT Guide

Decelerometer Calibration Change

From 1 April 2023, all decelerometers must be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 1 year. This is a change from the current 2 year cycle.

Decelerometer calibration certificates issued before 1 April 2023 will be acceptable until they expire. Thereafter, the equipment must be calibrated annually.

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Roller brake testers (RBT), plate brake testers (PBT) and headlamp aim testers

From 1 April 2023, calibration of brake testers and headlamp testers will no longer be acceptable if completed by vehicle testing station (VTS) staff.

Disciplinary sanctions

Appendix 8.4B – A sanction has been added for charging more than the maximum test fee for an MOT test.

Appendix 8.4C –Amendments has been made to sanctions for missing/incomplete/incorrect training records

Other amendments include:

  • an individual’s responsibility for the protection of their data
  • installing connected equipment
  • VTS staff co-operation
  • solicitor letters accompanying an application for an authorised examiner (AE) or VTS approval

Some of the changes are outlined above but to see all the changes go to and

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