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of IfConcerned about GDPR and other data protection regulations? At AAL, we can offer advice and representation to anyone operating within the motor industry.


How Data Protection Affects Your Business

The Data Protection Act regulations are complex and confusing. Automotive Auditors specifically offers MOT data protection advice and representation to motor vehicle dealerships and individuals to eradicate breaches. Some MOT testing stations and Motor Dealerships are inadvertently operating outside the confines of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. 

If an organisation retains information (data) about a person (data subject) that can be easily retrievable and used to identify them by any method, specific protocols have to be followed, the first of these protocols should be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to be compliant.

The security of the data must be protected from unauthorised access.  Consent must be applied to marketing and data cannot be shared between companies or individuals without consent. 

The data subject has a legal right to copies of any data held against their name. Information can be obtained by completing a subject access request (SAR) which will contain copies of all data held against their name. 


What To Do When You Receive a Subject Access Request

It is essential that organisations know the basics of SARs and handle them effectively to avoid large fines. There should be a procedure in place to ensure accurate information is released to the applicant in the correct time frame.

  • Any information relating to an identifiable person is identified as personal data.
  • A written or verbal SAR application can be made to any part of the organisation.
  • Personal identification is required before any data can be released
  • Organisations are required to respond to a SAR within one month
  • Releasing information following a SAR must be free of charge, the applicant should not incur a fee.
  • Save for exceptional circumstances, the applicant has a legal right to all information held against their name. If the data contains details of other individuals it has to be redacted.
  • The SAR, when completed, must include the legal basis and purpose for processing their personal data, it should provide details of any third parties the data has been disclosed to, information on the applicant’s rights for removing and restricting the processing of the personal data, the period in which the data has been/will be held, categories of personal data and information about the origins of the personal data. 


Why work with Automotive Auditors Limited?

When dealing with GDPR, it is essential to act professionally and have policies in place to avoid breaches. AAL are conversant with DPA protocols. 

If you receive a subject access request, it’s advisable to contact AAL before compiling a response. 

Alternatively, if you wish to make a Subject Access Request a draft SAR can be provided on application. 

We believe that we can help you put the right policies in place and provide you with guidance. But why should you choose to work with us?

  • Years of Experience – We have over 25 years of experience within the motor industry, where we’ve worked with main dealerships, independent garages, testers and traders.
  • Integrity Focused – We have a strict code of ethics that we abide by to ensure our services are always professional, honest and hold the appropriate education.
  • Tailored To You – We understand that every company is different. This is why we offer both bespoke and one-off services so you can receive what you need.
  • Up To Date – As the regulations are continually changing, we ensure that we are up to date with all that are applicable to the industry.


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