Quality Management Solutions

Quality Management Solutions

With over twenty five years association with a variety of dealerships and independent garages, AAL provide quality management solutions. We specialise in MOT Compliance, MOT Consultancy Services and DVSA Disciplinary representation.  In addition, we provide quality management solutions in respect of New Vehicle Warranty, Data Protection compliance, Companies House compliance, Intellectual Property law – trademarking, Bribery Act 2010 compliance and HSE policy.

Ultimately, AAL’s aim is to identify and assess the potential for errors and omissions.  We provide practicable remedy, supported by coaching, with the introduction of Management tools to reduce further business risk.  If required AAL will complete a forensic investigation in preparation for legal proceedings.

In addition to completing MOT compliance reviews, Automotive Auditors Ltd conduct on site inspections to identify areas of vulnerability relating to over aged stock, department irregularities, potential fraud, theft and dishonesty.

Following detailed examination, AAL offer comprehensive solutions/strategies to avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

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