MOT Special Notice 02-22- Changes to MOT Roles

  • March 2, 2022

Changes to MOT roles include changes to the AEDM and the AEP roles.  The authorised examiner (AE) is not a person but a legal entity. The exception is if the business is run as a “sole trader”.  The AE is the organisation that operates and manages one or more Vehicle Testing Stations.  The AE is responsible for controlling the quality of MOT testing.

Assigning the AEDM role does not change the AE’s overall responsibilities.


From 2 March 2022, DVSA changed who can hold the authorised examiner designated manager (AEDM) role.  The reason for the change is to improve the understanding of the duties and responsibilities required and to enable the right person to carry out the role on behalf of the AE

An AEDM is the person who has an overall view of the entire MOT business.  They must be a person who can authorise and effect change to:-

  • oversee the management, operation and quality of all the vehicle testing stations under the umbrella of the AE (the business)
  • ensure an adequate system of Quality Management at each VTS
  • ensure there is a single point of contact for the DVSA who is enabled and responsible for speaking on behalf of the Authorised Examiner

An AEDM is required to successfully attend a Level 3 course in MOT Test Centre Management.  If an AE opts to nominate a senior manager to take the role of AEDM, who is not an authorised examiner principal (AEP), an AEP will need to attend the Level 3 course.

All of the entry requirements must be met.  Requirements include a current DBS check and declaration of any disciplinary history within any DVSA scheme.


Authorised examiner principals (AEPs) are the people who make up the business for example, the sole trader, partners or directors. They are legally responsible for the entity.

From 2 March 2022, all new applicants or current AEs that wish to make a change to their approval will be assigned an AEP role that allows them to use the MOT testing service.

This will ensure they have access to information about their AE, vehicle testing station (VTS), MOT staff and tests carried out under their approval.

If a change to your approval is required ie  to add or remove a director or change an AEDM, you will need to:

  1. Complete a VT01 and send it to motadministration@dvsa.gov.uk.
  2. Check all conditions for change are met.
  3. Each AEP will need to create an account on the MOT testing service.

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