Downing Street

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps Refuses to Rule Out Relaxing MOT Rules

  • April 28, 2022

Yesterday, during a cabinet meeting held to put the brakes on the cost of living, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested drivers only need to take their cars for an MOT every two years.  This “innovative” suggestion is meant to help households with the cost of living crisis.   Today, despite opposition from the Transport Select Committee, Mr Shapps refused to rule out relaxing the MOT rules.

This is not the first time proposals have been put forward to change the frequency of the MOT test. In the past these changes have been ruled out on grounds of safety.

Numerous motoring groups have repeated the warning. Bi annual MOT tests could dramatically increase the number of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads, making our roads more dangerous.  In the long term extending the frequency of the MOT Test could increase costs for drivers because of higher repair bills.

The move could save drivers £54 85 for a standard car MOT and £26.65 for motorbikes.