Compliance Review to Combat Potential MOT Fraud

  • May 12, 2022

DVSA issued a warning today to anyone considering endangering road users by committing MOT Fraud.

In a blog, Marian Kitson, Director of Enforcement outlined DVSA’s role in monitoring the industry closely and acting on poor and fraudulent practice see

In 2021-2022 there were 1324 counts of MOT fraud, 710 of these related to dishonesty and negligence. These statistics have doubled from data collated in 2017-2018.

In 2021, DVSA banned 127 Authorised Examiners from running Vehicle Testing Stations and banned 288 testers from the MOT scheme. These cases alone demonstrate DVSA will not allow qualified Testers to abuse the MOT scheme.

Do you regularly monitor your VTS Testing Standards? Does your Site Manager have processes in place to account for each MOT issued at your VTS? Do you have policies in place to ensure the integrity of the MOT Scheme is maintained?

Whilst the majority of Testers are not dishonest it is very easy to slip into bad testing habits, to take shortcuts when busy, fail to accurately record and retain test results, record training, QC tests or report failed equipment etc.

Compliance Review

Generally, if a tester faces serious disciplinary action ie testing cessation, the same disciplinary action is applicable to the AE – the Vehicle Testing Station. Could your business continue to operate successfully if your authorisation to test was removed? To ensure your Vehicle Testing Station (AE) and Nominated Testers remain compliant, call us today to book a compliance review.

Our compliance review covers:-

  • Management Systems and Compliance
  • Policies Checks and Standards
  • Management of Testers
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Equipment and Premises
  • MOT RAG Rating Analysis and Assessment

All areas usually applied by DVSA during a site visit. However, Automotive Auditor’s policy is very much, “Prevention is better than cure.” Following completion of an Automotive Auditor’s compliance review, you will receive a written report outlining our findings and recommendations.

To ensure your Vehicle Testing Station and Nominated Testers remain compliant, call us today on 01206 273055 for further information.