Testing and Protection

Access to MOT Testing Site and Security

  • June 30, 2020

A MOT security Smart card is issued to all users who have been assigned a role within MOT Testing Service (MTS). The card generates a 6-digit number that needs to be entered each time the user signs into the MOT Testing Service.  Each user can access various functions to carry out the activities related to their specific user role

The latest changes affect access to the MTS.  If you have forgotten or lost your security card you will be unable to enter the unique 6 digit security number but you can still access the MTS provided you have updated your profile with a valid email address associated with your MTS account. If you haven’t updated your email address on your profile, do it now.

To access the MTS without your security card go to the usual logon page enter your User ID and password, select sign in, then select “sign in with email”.   A security code will be sent to the registered email address recorded on your profile.  This Security Code is valid for a day.

Note Tester login information relating to access via the email security number as described above will be recorded on the MOT Test Log entry.